Trollbeads Day 2020 Collectors Basket
If you love Trollbeads but can’t make it to our event, then this is the next best thing!  You will receive all the Trollbeads Day essentials shipped to you FREE with a few bonus goodies added.
Included in this :
Trollbeads Day 2020 Glass Kit
(Blueberry Flower, Honey Bee, Lime Leaves, Mint Mesh, Plum Tree & Raspberry Bush)
Trollbeads 2020 Event Bead “Sophistication”
One Trollbeads Faceted Unique Bead
(These beads are extremely rare and absolutely lovely! )
Custom Trollbeads Porcelain Ornament
(This is a custom item and exclusive to It’s About Time Boutique)
Multiple pieces of Trollbeads Swag
(Could be a bead,  tray, travel pouch, bead cloth, Trollbeads bag,  or many other items)
Your name will also be entered for a chance to win the Trollbeads Basket Giveaway which contains over $100 of Trollbeads Merchandise
Thank you for supporting It’s About Time Boutique.  We hope you stay safe and hope to see you at our next event!!